The Best Free Web Host

A free web host provides his or her services without expecting any pay. The service offered is only advertisement (Wikipedia atom feed). They impose their advertisement on your website pages. They help boost an upcoming person, but not good for an organization. Through a free web business people are able to gain more visibility and popularity despite their current low productivity and income. File storage is discouraged as the free web host has limited space purposely for advertisements only.  This does not incur the webmaster any monthly changes.


A web host is a company in the business of providing server space, web services and file maintenance for web sites controlled by individuals or companies that do not have their own web servers (Webopedia). They can also be leased for use by clients, as well as providing internet connectivity.  They do this by providing data center space and connectivity to the internet for other servers located in their data center (Wikipedia atom feed).  The platform which they use is referred to as a website. A website helps other people in the world to know more about and individual’s business or a company. In it there is a profile and services provided  by the individual or company to the public. It also helps in advertising a business, hence boosting its productivity and income as many people are acquainted with the services.

Who’s The best free web host

There are various qualities possessed by the best free web host. For a web host to be the best he or she must have them in order to be attractive or appealing to the business people.

The best free web host should always place advertisements that are worth on another person’s website. This will create a good hostgator coupons relationship between the two and the webmaster will also be able to trust the web host. The web host too will gain familiarity and attract more clients who will need the same services.

One who is available24/7 is also the best. They will be able to answer questions pertaining to web hosting so that the webmaster will be able to improve his or her webmaster. The web host will advise the webmaster on when to upgrade and the need for upgrading.

One who is reliable is preferred by webmasters. This is because they will need a person who will give them reliable information that is useful in the improvement of the website.

Webmasters also prefer web host who will use less space on their website like the free web host do. They only use a small amount of space for advertisements and not for file storage. This leaves a great amount of space for the webmaster to utilize and also advertise him/herself.

In conclusion, the best free web host should always possess qualities that will attract webmasters who will give them space for their advertisement. Although it is not good for organizations, it may also help small ones which are upcoming so as to gain familiarity.

What Is Web Hosting World?

Web Hosting means   an internet hosting provider or service that allows organizations and individuals to upload their website to the web and make them available for anyone to see them   via the World Wide Web. When you need your website to be live on the web,  different people can easily browse through  your site, you need a host ‘server’ to  easily store all your website  pages as well as the files and make them  easily accessible to online users.


The  major hosting server that stores  the website data is then  connected to the internet  in 24 hrs hours  basis and when  anyone types your site’s URL, the server  will  connect  that person to your site.  Just as simple as that.

A ‘Web Server’ is just like the computer which has at the house; the difference is that it is well set up to service websites. Web hosts need a minimal monthly rental fee and take care of the hosting, managing as well as monitoring any site on a day to day basis in the web hosting world.

Now that you understand what is web hosting is you as well need to understand its different parameters as well.

- Basics of Web  hosting

There are a number of web hosting firms that offer a wide array of web hosting packages. Each plan is very different and caters to a precise niche, however, when it comes to selecting  one for your site it can be  very confusing to many people.

Learning to know what is web hosting is the very first step towards selecting a good hosting package in the web hosting world, but there are a number of other considerations you really need to think about very carefully. Here is a list of some basic hosting parameters in the web hosting world that can really help you make a nice decision regarding hosting packages.


- Type of Server

You know all about the basic meaning of a web server, however there are many types of servers and you have a task to pick the one that is the very best for your online company or website.

The three common server types are Linux, Windows, and UNIX. Linux offers great security and better control, Windows is really user-friendly and features-rich operating method while UNIX is complex OS but offers very high security levels.

If you choose to have a simple, text-based the website, then the type of the server does not matter but for lively websites with catalog functions, you have to make sure that you select the server type cautiously.


- Disk Space

As the name will tell you, this is the storage space  that   is available for storing any given website data as well as the content, videos/audios, images, emails and so many other things. Generally, the text takes the very least amount of the given space and then the images or flash data take the larger space.

If you have a website that is made of graphics or has lots of live video contents, you will need a hosting plan with additional disk space to help you get the best in the web hosting world.

What Is A Web Host, Anyway?

There is no doubt that web hosting is indeed a big deal for the online success of many ventures. However, have you ever asked yourself what is a web host? If yes, then it’s fair enough. Basically web hosting is like a platform or virtual location from which a website and its contents are contained for operation. There are so many terminologies involved with web hosting and here are just a few of them:

Control Panel

This is like the administration tool for each and every website. When you ask yourself what is a web host you have to have the control panel in mind. The administrator controls all the actions of your site from the control panel. With the control panel comes a mailbox where you receive and send emails. You will also get to contact your web host from the control panel. When it comes to web hosting the control panel is always standard and so you will only be asked your login details to access your site.


Transfer of Data

Once you have your website hosted you will have numerous communication needs. The more the number of visitors who access your website the more the data received and sent. So long as each visitor clicks onto your site there will be data sent by the server over the internet. Therefore, when you have more visitors going through your content than the server will need to send a lot of data. This also applies to when you download files and other multimedia activities. The web hosting companies come up with different packages which see them gauge how much data can be sent and received. It is always important if data is transferred without any hiccups.

Domain Name

A domain name will help with the identification of your internet site. A website user or visitor will type the domain name in the browser and access your home page easily. The name is always unique to each and every site. For most companies which offer web hosting services, provision of the domain name is part of the service package. Therefore, you can always host your website and have the domain name at the same time. After the domains then there will be the sub domains. These will help you access different subsections of your website.

The terms will help you understand and know the answer to the question of what is a web host. There are even more factors associated with web hosting like the web hosting types. The first type is free hosting which will not need you to pay anything for the hosting services. Secondly, there is the shared hosting. This is a bit complicated because you will use the same server, but share it with other websites as well. The third type of hosting is the dedicated hosting which is the best of all. This will provide you with your own servers and you will get the best services just the way you please. Because there is no sharing at all you will not need to worry about safety of your information with dedicated hosts.

Finding Web Hosting In South Africa

Internet usage in South Africa has been increased incredibly, and personal website is a must in South Africa for everyone whether it is home, business or entertainment. Everyone needs a website for fun or work but due to the incredible use of Internet and swarming internet frauds, it has become difficult to find a good web hosting South Africa. For a good web hosting South Africa, you need to choose wisely and carefully.


The best method to choose the best web hosting South Africa is to find on the Internet. Just type “web hosting South Africa” on the search tab of Google and just click on the search button. You will get a list of best and popular web hosting plans in South Africa. You can compare what they are contributing and what their rates are. You should also compare their features and rates with other web hosting plan and choose according to your need.  While looking for the best web hosting plan in South Africa, you should keep in mind about the Internet frauds. Beware of Internet frauds and if you find anything fishy about web hosting provider, don’t deal with them. You will find many good and genuine web hosting companies on the Internet.


Another significant thing that one should not forget while making your choice about the web hosting plan is their reputation. Only work with those providers who have a good reputation in the market. It will decrease the chances of frauds, and you can take a breath of rest. The best way to find the best web hosting plan in South Africa is to go for the review websites. There are some review sites available on the Internet, which reviews the web hosting plans in South Africa for you, and you can see which web hosting plan is good and which is bad on the review websites for free.


You might be looking for a web hosting plan for a website or email addresses. For both email address and website you will need a domain name. You can get the domain name in South Africa on or coza domains. These companies provide free domain names for their customers. If one has a big budget then, they can also go for the Uniforum and Registrar. They provide their domain services for a flat fee.


Free domain services look attractive, but many a time it is seen that free services make you suffer losses than profits. Free services do not provide you other essential things and services, which you need to buy from another vendor which become costly in the end. If you want to make real profit then, one should be able to invest a little. You can get good packages of web hosting South Africa in the range of R79 to R200. You can choose your package. If you are creating your website then, you will need to invest only on the domain name and server.  Creating your website is a good choice and affordable too.  One can also get the task accomplished with a web hosting South Africa plan.


How To Use Your Hostgator Voucher

Hostgator is one of the most preferred web hosting companies for more than two and half million users who are searching for affordable but reliable agency. Most users continue using the services of this agency for an extended period of time due to various reasons as outlined below. You are advised to refer to the information and before making your decision it is important you do some research about hostgator and other similar companies in this very competitive market.

Customer support

One of the most important reasons for the popularity of hostgator is its outstanding world class customer support. Unlike any other web hosting company in the United States or any other country, the agency provides mail support, live chat, and phone support. All the customer service executives are experienced and knowledgeable, which equips them with the necessary skills and capabilities needed to assist customers. These dedicated customer support executives are available at all times of the day or night seven days a week to ensure clients are able to overcome any problem they may be facing quickly without much inconvenience. When you decide to use hostgator as your web hosting service provider, you can be assured of receiving the best support and rectification of any technical troubles in the shortest period of time.


Affordable and different plans

Unlike its competitors, this agency owns more than seven thousand servers, which allows it to provide different kinds of hosting plans. These include VPS, dedicated, reseller, and shared hosting to customers to ensure they can increase their reach to the widest possible target clients. Some of these plans start at fewer than ten dollars to make it affordable for the users. In addition to the default discount codes, hostgator coupon can qualify you to avail as much as thirty-five percent on the total invoice cost. The reasonably charged hosting plans are made more affordable through these different and unique plans.

High-tech features

Another major benefit of choosing hostgator is the various high-end and technically advanced features are available with the chosen hosting package. The service provider uses cPanel, which is the most versatile and flexible control panel for hosting all websites. Moreover, you can customize your site by combining hostgator plans with the architectural consultant. Joomla is also easily compatible with hostgator hosting services, which provides greater versatility and flexibility. In addition, users can find more than four thousand five hundred templates available in the website building software application.

Finding discount vouchers

Having understood about Hostgator and the reasons why hundreds of thousands of people use this agency as their web site hosting service provider. The next step is to search the World Wide Web to find a hostgator voucher that can be used with your chosen plan. Reading the terms and conditions before making any decision is vital to avoid future discrepancies. Choosing vouchers available on reliable forums, blogs, and review sites is important to ensure these codes are still valid to ensure you receive the discount available through these vouchers.